Holistic Healing Beyond
Treat yourself to whole body healing and spiritual peace! 
  1. Florida
    Waters along the Florida coasts are generally warmer than other areas along the continental US. Surf tends to be higher on the Atlantic coast with relatively little surf on the Gulf coast (surfers take note). Sea temperatures are also warmer on the Gulf coast throughout the year compared to the Atlantic coast.
  2. Haiti
    Abaka Bay is a secluded upscale resort situated in one of the quaintest corners of the world. Right in front of the clear turquoise beach you will find the meaning of true paradise. The service is exceptional and the food divine. Many activities please a range of guest. Come discover this paradise for yourself
  3. Africa
    Inspired by the myth of a lost African kingdom, The Palace of the Lost City hotel is set on the highest ground at Sun City, ensuring that its grand proportions and graceful towers are visible from across the resort
  4. Jamaica
    Wherever you go in this enchanted paradise, you will find natural beauty so stunning, it will take your breath away. And people so genuinely friendly and hospitable, it will warm your heart.