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Treat yourself to whole body healing and spiritual peace! 

Life Coach
Holistic Health & Wellness Coach

   Sessions are client lead and coach        supported.

Are you interested in learning new strategies and making positive lifestyle changes?
A coach can provide planning, implementation and support to aid in accomplishing your professional or healthcare goals. 

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Life Coach 
Having a Life Coach allows you to learn new approaches to current ideas and provides you with a supportive ally in planning your future goals.  From starting a new career to owning your own business, sometimes we all need an extra push to get things moving. Sessions are pre-scheduled and work around the client and coach's availability.  

Holistic Health & Wellness Coach

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A Holistic Health & Wellness Coach focuses on the complete mind, body, and spiritual health of the client.  Some of our approaches include natural detoxing, herbs/  supplement advice, fitness goal setting, yoga, guided meditation, relaxation techniques, stress management and others.  Services are centered around using natural methods to aid in gaining optimal health.
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