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Soaps & Bath Salts
  1. african, black, soap, black soap, shea butter soap, mango butter, carrot, pomegranite, lemongrass, tea tree, coconut, papaya
    All natural African black soap designed to nourish and cleanse your skin. Heals worn-out skin making it soft and smooth.
    All Natural Soaps
  2. healthcare, health, holistic practitioner, pharmacist, herbalist, herbs, detox, detoxing
    All natural raw African black soap. Cleanses and nourishes overly dry, discolorations, and skin conditions.
    Raw African Black Soap
All Natural Soaps 
Raw African Black Soap
  1. african, black, soap, black soap
    Used for full body cleansing and detoxing.
    9-Herb Detox Soap
  2. dead sea salt
    Great for a therapeutic bath to sooth, revive, and relieve stress. Comes in a variety of fragrances.
    Scented Dead Sea Salt
  3. dead sea salt, uncented
    Enriched with vitamins and minerals for radiant skin. Effectively heals acne, eczema, psoriasis, arthritis, and muscular pain. Made in Israel.
    Dead Sea Salt (unscented)
9-Herb Detoxifying Soap
Scented Dead Sea Salt
Unscented Dead Sea Salt

Additional products are available via seasonal catalog. 

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