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All-Natural Soaps

These all-natural  soaps are designed to nourish and cleanse the skin of toxins while revitalizing the senses through aromatherapy.
Currently available in the following scents:
Bay Rum
Black Current Vanilla
Cedarwood Sage
Chamomile Neroli
Eucalyptus w/Lemon Grass
Juniper Citron
Key Lime
Mango Mania
Rosemary Peppermint Bar
Sandalwood Rose
Tea Tree
Ylang Ylang Orange
Also Available (unscented):
African Black Soap
Raw AFrican Black Soap
Shea Butter Soap
*Additional Bath & Body products available via seasonal catalog. Contact for more details.

African Black Soap
Contains the healing powers of shea butter and black soap.  This soap is known for healing worn-out skin making is soft and smooth.
Raw African Black Soap
Contains pure unscented, unprocessed,  raw African Black Soap. 
Shea Butter Soap
Made with No Essential Oils or Fragrances, simply rich abundant shea butter in a a mild base that will leave your skin soft
Bay Rum Soap
The classic aroma of Bay Essential Oil with a touch of Orange for that spice scent men love (and women can appreciate too).
Cedarwood Sage Soap
The soothing, relaxing aroma of cedarwood, sage and petitgrain essential oils will remind you of a trip to the mountains and valleys of nature with a touch of sweet florals, rich sage, and a cedarwood backdrop. Rosehips are added for high amounts of bioflavanoids and rich tan to brown color. 
Black Current Vanilla Soap
 The aroma of sweet black currant softened with vanilla for a soft all natural fragrance
Camomile Neroli Soap
Our classic essential oil blend of sweet, floral chamomile, blended with Neroli and Petitgrain for a delightfully sweet and floral treat that's not overpowering. We combine real ground chamomile flowers for a perfect herbal touch and light exfoliation, with generous portions of shea butter. 
Eucalyptus w/Lemon Grass Soap
Made with cleansing and clearing eucalyptus and lemon grass extract, aids in mind clearing and stress reduction.
Juniper Citron Soap
All Natural Soap contains citrus notes of Orange and Citronella blended with foresty notes of Juniper Berries and Pine with a sweet earthy finish of Fennel make for a refreshing unique blend. Light exfoliation from Poppy Seeds.
Key Lime Soap
All natural key lime essential oil has sharp, rich citrus notes making an intensely clean aroma. 
Mango Mania Soap
Sweet mango fruit, citrus, with a subtle nuance of "mango peel". This is an alll natural fragrance.
Papaya Soap w/Sweet Almond Oil
Made with all natural papaya extracts, this soap is a tropical scent that will leave your skin feeling amazing.
Rosemary Peppermint Soap
Hair, Body and Beard Soap
Rosemary blended with Peppermint and Menthol for a cooling and herbal experience. These essential oils are said to stimulate hair growth and are great for healthy hair. This blend is suggested for normal to oily hair
Sandalwood Rose Soap
Sandalwood Rose Soap is a blend of soft floral, powdery notes with a sweet wood earthy base.
Strawberry w/Jojoba Butter Soap
Infused with strawberry extract for skin-clearing and jojoba butter for nourishing.
Tea Tree Soap
Most people know "Melaleucas" (tea tree oil genus)as great anti bacterial agents, great for acne, fighting fungus, etc. Cajeput has a bit more "woodsy" smell to it, similar Eucalyptus but a touch less "camphorous". 
Ylang Ylang Orange Soap
Infused with strawberry extract for skin-clearing and jojoba butter for nourishing.

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